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Its been a long time since I wrote and this is one of things I am going to try and commit to do more often. Believe me there is no lack of suggestions or interests just a lack of time. It goes back to the article "I want to buy a steal" where I discuss that everyone still wants one. Well guess what they still do and the media has convinced them that there are 100's of ocean front condos, in foreclosure with a view, in beautiful resort properties sitting along the coast for $100,000. Guess what they don't exsist, but great Fort Lauderdale Condos for Sale do. I am so happy that in this market Realtors or real estate consultants ( how I prefer we be called ) become so much more valuable to these consumers. We can save then so much time, energy, and money. We

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Fort Lauderdale Realtor Originally Published this Article in 2009

I want to buy a "steal"...

This is a line that many Fort Lauderdale Realtors will tell you they hear almost everyday in this new real estate market. Personally I take solace in the fact that we are all hearing it everyday. I am not sure I fully understand the definition of a “steal”, but I find comfort in knowing there are so many potential buyers out there interested in South Florida all looking for one, in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate. With this in mind a link directly to the Fort Lauderdale MLS is called for.

I have asked many clients to help me define a steal. Sometimes it leads to the word foreclosure. So just maybe a “steal” is a property that has been on the market, nobody

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Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Area real-estate market, an every changing arena, where prizes such as a Fort Lauderdale Beach front condo, or a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home, always perform differently than the homes we refer to when we speak of "Average Real Estate Prices in Fort Lauderdale". In this discussion of Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale we would like to discuss one subject, pricing. We sincerely hope you find it helpful as you start thinking about buying a home in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market. This is an indepth review of price updates in 2018.  It is is not unusual for people coming to look at Fort Lauderdale Real Estate to experience sticker shock. We are no longer the home of inexpensive beach

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