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Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes really can prove to any Ft. Lauderdale home buyer that time is money. In this case we are talking about the time it will take to get your from your Fort Lauderdale Waterfront home by boat to the intracoastal and out to the open waters of the Atlantic.

The closer you are to the either of the area inlets, the more expensive you can expect your waterfront home to be. The northern area inlet is the Hillsboro Inlet; the Fort Lauderdale area inlet is at Port Everglades.

The residential area closest to Port Everglades, is Harbor Beach and this area does feature some of the most expensive waterfront homes in the area. The current average listing price of waterfront homes for sale in this area is over $5,000,000. Closer to the…

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Ft. Lauderale Harbor Shops Will Become Easier to Find

If you are driving down 17th east to Fort Lauderdale Beach will may notcie that the Publixs supermarket which was a great place to stock up for your vacation, buy a few essentials for your cruise, and a place where many locals shopped is no longer there. Have no fear it simply has moved across the street to the Harbor Shops of Fort Lauderdale.

The issue is that it is not simply across the street. If you turn a block early you end up at Village East Condominium where Eric Miller and Associates would be glad to help you purchse a condo. I have heard directions given numerous times. If you are heading east turn, "after the hotel". "at the traffic light". "just after the mexican restaurant", and my…

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Selling my Fort Lauderdale Home 

I am assuming when you go to place your Fort Lauderdale Home or Condominium on the market, you will be seeking the highest price you can possibly get for your Ft. Lauderdale property. There are simple ways to improve your chances, without investing a great deal of time or money.

You do not need to be skilled in carpentry or plumbing, to make your Ft. Lauderdale property stand out from all the Fort Lauderdale area homes and condominiums for sale. Modest effort, a few common tools, and a great marketing campaign can help you to make your homes stand out in what is basically the beauty contest of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate.

The first thing a potential buyer will notice when they come to visit your Fort Lauderdale Home is…

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Be aware of real estate mortgage frauds !

According to real-estate market analysis mortgage frauds are on the rise. The Federal investigators have realized that there’s been an increase in frauds in the real estate market which had lessened after the collapse in the real estate market. There are names of various real estate brokers in the news for the wrong reason. They have mostly been put on involuntary inactive status for committing mortgage fraud. According to news, in 2009, $14 billion in loans, or about 0.7% of all home loans were originated with fraudulent application data.

What is a real estate broker?

A mortgage broker is a certified professional who acts on your behalf, to get you the best mortgage deal.  He is a person who acts as a…

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