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Fort Lauderdale Condominium buyers need to be aware that a Florida law referred to as “Homeowners 6” went into effect in 2009. In the Fort Lauderdale Condo market enforcement of the law has not been universal because of the tight economic times but we do expect to see it become more the standard. The law states that Ft Lauderdale Condominium owners are required to take out insurance that provides coverage to all contents within the condominium unit.  This policy will close the gap for Fort Lauderdale Condominium owners many of whom thought they were adequately covered by the buildings master policy.  Fort Lauderdale Condo buyers need to think of this as the “walls-in” policy and understand that their master policy only covered them to their unpainted…

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate statistics seem to be attracting a great deal of national attention as of late with great generalities to the condition of the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market. These broad strokes of information when it comes to the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market can be very misleading. The rules of real estate which apply to every real estate market, location, location, location, become even more important in a market like Ft Lauderdale Real Estate when there are draws to a certain location that simply cannot be replicated. In the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market one such draw is Fort Lauderdale Beach. When a buyer of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate is focused on what is on their wish list to the point that they know they want a Fort…

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When you start your search for Fort Lauderdale Real Estate one of the first questions you may think about is whether you would prefer a Fort Lauderdale Condominium or a Fort Lauderdale Single Family Home?

Often when people start to talk about this question we, as Ft Lauderdale Realtors, hear the answer, “We would prefer a Fort Lauderdale Condo but we are going to look at Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale first because we don’t want to pay monthly maintenance fees”.  With this comment in mind, it is a good time to go over a condominium budget and redirect the search for a Ft Lauderdale property to the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate that is right for you and your family.

Approximately 25% of the monthly fees of a Ft Lauderdale condominium pay for the building…

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