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Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have always been the most desired part of the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. Even as the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market have slowed and in some cases dropped as much as 50% from the 2005 highs of Ft Lauderdale Real Estate, Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have held up better that the rest of the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. In the last sixty days, 67 Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have closed and this is clearly not a market that is looking dead.  With only 381 Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes on the market in the sample area we used, and understanding that the last 90 day of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate would normally be considered the slowest summer months of the market it is clear that there is a strong season

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Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Success 

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate team Eric Miller and Associates, Keller Williams Fort Lauderdale is pleased to announce the completion of another successful Fort Lauderdale Short Sale at the Ft Lauderdale Condominium, Tides at Bridgeside Square.

Ft Lauderdale Short Sales are not all created equal but sometimes they can result in a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. Fort Lauderdale Real Estate demand has increased dramatically over the last year, even though there is still pricing pressure. The buyers of unit 1503, at the Tides at Bridgeside Square purchased a two bedroom ocean view unit for $230,000, one of the best priced high floor ocean view units sold in the Tides Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale

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Despite wavering stability in the nation as a whole, a spurt of real estate sales activity along the eastern coast of Florida has seen the markets in areas like Miami and Fort Lauderdale doing a dance of recovery, suggesting that buyers are once again recognizing the tremendous value-add of life amid Florida’s sun-drenched beaches.

Following price drops through 2010, Ft. Lauderdale has enjoyed a stabilization in 2011, with sales activity proving strong throughout the summer. Investors and international buyers provided some of the steam for the summer rally, with luxury condominiums and beachfront properties—particularly popular with these buyers—selling fast and furiously. Collective prices for the summer months of June, July and August were up 13

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If would be unfair of  me to post today about Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, it would be unfair to dwell on the tough years that have been faced by many with the economic downturn that has faced our country. It would be unfair to dwell on the optimistic booster shoot I feel we must share with each other, each day, to remind ourselves of our resilance and that there are better times ahead.

Today it is only fair to see the inspiration, and feel the gratitude for where we are today. Today we need to think about all the people who were lost. All the families that were hurt and the opportunities that never happened for the talented souls that were lost ten years ago today. I am inspired by their children and loved ones who have gone on to stand strong. I am

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Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Experts, Eric Miller and Associates are please to announce the completion of one of their most challenging Fort Lauderdale Short Sales to date, with another successful Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Closing. The fourth buyer on this Ft Lauderdale Condominium is the lucky buyer who was willing to put up with the time frames set by two banks involved in this Fort Lauderdale Short Sale.

Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Success comes when a buyer purchases a three bedroom unit at the Tides at Bridgeside Square in the "01" line one the most popular floor plan in the building, for $290,000 in excellent condition. The highest sale of a similar unit tottaly redone was $690,000 at the peak to the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market. At $290,000,

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Wilton Manors Townhomes range is size from smaller 1100 sq. foot Wilton Manors Townhomes to the larger of the Wiltonn Manors Townhomes close to 3000 sq feet. At the larger end of the Wilton Manors Townhouse collection is Valencia with air conditioned living space in these Wilton Manors Townhome coming in at almost 2200 square feet. Add in the 3 balcony areas, and a large two car garage and it is clear that Valencia represents the some of the largest townhome built in the Wilton Manors Real estValencia in Wilton Manorsate market.

Wilton Manors Real Estate was booming when Valencia was stsrted. Valencia units were completed in 2009 after being under contract since prior to the slowdown of the Wilton Manors real estate market. The lenght of time the units took to build was a true

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Ft Lauderdale Realtors and the residents of the River Oaks neighborhood of Ft Lauderdale are happy to hear the sounds of construction once again and are pleased to welcome Centerline Homes to the community. Fort Lauderdale Real Estate which has seen a drop in Ft Lauderdale Real Estate prices of almost 50% since the peak in 2005, has witnessed the inventory of New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale disappeared. New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale that were under construction when the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market faltered were either already absorbed by the tight market for New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, or abandoned and never finished.  For years Ft Lauderdale Realtors have discussed the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate as a market where land was

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