Fort Lauderdale Will Never Forget

Posted by Eric Miller on Sunday, September 11th, 2011 at 1:54pm.

If would be unfair of  me to post today about Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, it would be unfair to dwell on the tough years that have been faced by many with the economic downturn that has faced our country. It would be unfair to dwell on the optimistic booster shoot I feel we must share with each other, each day, to remind ourselves of our resilance and that there are better times ahead.

Today it is only fair to see the inspiration, and feel the gratitude for where we are today. Today we need to think about all the people who were lost. All the families that were hurt and the opportunities that never happened for the talented souls that were lost ten years ago today. I am inspired by their children and loved ones who have gone on to stand strong. I am thankful that my family and friends returned home from their flights that day and I am thankful to all my real estate friends who remember standing with me that morning at an Arvida sales meeting in Fort Lauderdale as I wept waiting to hear. As a Continental Airline family, now United, we stand today in everyone’s memory and vow never to forget.

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