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In the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market when a property comes up for sale priced right, and in great condition it’s a hot commodity. Eric Miller and Associates is pleased to announce our latest Fort Lauderdale Condominium listing. This new listing is a one bedroom Ft. Lauderdale Condominium for sale on a high at the Symphony Condominium. This condo is currently leased, and the tenant would like to stay. If you have been thinking about a buying in Fort Lauderdale at today’s incredible prices, but don’t plan on using the property for a while, a property that is already leased out represents a great buying opportunity.  If this Symphony Condominium is right for you call us today, as photos, and ads are currently in work to bring this property to market,…
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Regardless of your political stand on gay rights it has been hard to be a supporter of Florida’s 33year old ban on gay adoption while children in the State of Florida still lived without a family. One government official said the ban was part of another bill, and the intent was never to cause what it caused.  I don’t know if this is true but it certainly sounds very familiar to the way many things today still get added to government legislation.  

Yesterday the 33 year old ban on gay adoption in the Florida was deemed unconstitutional by a Miami court, Governor Christ said he would not step in the way and the ban would stop being enforced immediately. This is a victory for the children of the state of Florida.

The matter could still go to the Supreme…

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate – Ft. Lauderdale Foreclosures – Just the Facts 

Daily we receive inquiries from potential buyers of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate with a similar wish list. Every agent in town has experienced it. A long list of requests that include oceanfront, three bedroom three bath condos, at prices we simply don’t have. The price point often requested has only happened through their perception of a vague television report on a real estate market that has crashed. The property is even asked for with a tone of, “I really don’t believe this exists”, remember we will always do our best to be polite but they really don’t exist.

Yes, the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market has crashed from its 2005 high’s. Our prices are down in lesser quality…

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate | Selling my Ft. Lauderdale Home   

Selecting the Realtor with the right tool box ! 

When you are hiring realtors to sell your home in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market you need to be diligent to look in their toolbox. Is there a digital camera, is there a video camera ? What is their internet marketing strategy to get your home in front of the 80% of buyers who would rather not call a Realtor till their ready to buy? If you hear things mentioned in my paragraph about old tools, chances are you have a very nice realtor in front of you who has not yet embraced the new technology needed. If you start to hear words that are a bit foreign to you and the realtor starts talking about their new tools with excitement, you may…

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Fort Lauderdale Foreclosures

Ft. Lauderdale Beach Area Distressed Properties

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate is getting a great deal of media attention these days. Normally what is one of our quietest months of the years we are finding our appointment calendars booked with buyers looking for their dream homes. Most will find an incredible deal and we will be presenting two offers today. Unfortunately for some that dream is not about buying a great piece of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, it ia only about buying a Foreclosed Fort Lauderdale Property. The dream includes the property being on, or close to the beach. The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate dream then includes a price they heard "somewhere" thta caused them to buy a plane ticket. Afterall it is natural to…

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In the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market today, investing in real estate represents a great opportunity. Maybe even easier and more profitable than ever, as we continue to see Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale for less than they would cost to build. As the Ft. Lauderdale market begins to improve there will be many happy real estate investors. Even in a healthy market, with new tools to find and evaluate potentially profitable properties, you need to be careful and make sure to maximize the odds of winning, by considering an important tip.

The process of finding Fort Lauderdale 'diamonds in the rough' has been revolutionized by the Internet. You can spend a great deal of time on-line finding descriptions, prices, photos, and useful legal info about…

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5 Simple Home Staging Tips

When it comes to getting your home sold, you need to do everything possible to set your home apart from other homes that are on the market. Furthermore, you need to present your home in the best light possible, which means adding a few extra touches that will make your home more appealing to potential buyers. This process of creating a more appealing home is known as staging and here are 5 simple things you can do to help your home sell.

Home Staging Tip #1: Create Curb Appeal

The first time a potential buyer drives by or up to your home, you want it to leave a good impression. Therefore, you should take steps to make the exterior of your home stand out and look great. To do this, you might need to make a few minor…

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