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Ok I'm bad, I have not posted in months, shame on me what kind of blogger am I ? Simply one with a new committment, to write shorter, briefer, more often posts. Posts that quickly serve to inform Anderson Cooper (sorry to pick on you but you are one of my favorites), the rest of the media, and of course my readers the reality of the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale. Lets start with one fact for tonight, the ocean front is not flooded with Fort Lauderdale foreclosures. The Fort Lauderdale highrise condos that sit east of the intracoastal are not being boarded up, vacancys are not piling up and the fact is that buyers are lining up. Simply they are waiting for the sign that we have reached bottom. That sign for many will be the shrinking of inventory

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I'm sincerely not smart enough to know if the banks and wall street should be bailed out. The way I see it, our current and future leaders say this should happen, so why should I disagree. If they continue to mess up hopefully, we will be smart enough to make them unemployed.
That being said the management of many of these banks already deserve the unemployment line. I know this is going to sound a bit bitter, but sincerely my business is holding its own without their foreclosure business. I often get asked for my price opinion and for this I get $50.00. I only do it to keep a pulse on the market. We have plenty of buyers to represent, and hopefully protect. We continue to do the business that has won us awards year after year.

I am shocked at the way these…
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Here we go again, a new real estate cycle visable on every corner that will lead us to the next cycle. Who said the next cycle of dropping real estate prices had to be rising real estate prices. All over Fort Lauderdale rental housing is being built, weve been down this road  before. When sales fall off, people start renting, rents go up, and builders build new rentals, when sales start to rise they convert them to condos and sell out, and we get to start all over. How long the cycle lasts is never perfectly clear unless you're watching the news, as they all seem to have the answer. But one fact is clear major real estate developers still believe in the Fort Lauderdale area, they are building rentals all over town, to service the people still moving here

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I'm sorry I haven't written in while, but contrary to what the media is saying, we are busy. Our business is ahead of last year and people are buying the bargains to be had in the Fort Lauderdale area. We are working harder than ever, and it is frustrating to see how a correction in the real estate market, has caused banks to stick their heads in the sand, run for cover, and ultimately create a run on real estate and their own banks. I am not smart enough to comment on if the bailout being discussed is the right thing to do, but I have enough common sense to know executives who failed to perform should be given a ticket to Florida instead of a paycheck. We have many bargains that I am sure they can afford. Sincerely I don't blame banks solely for this…
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Simple - Lets lay out a few facts first. All of these are based on total generalizations, from numerous sources, from numbers I have seen varying all over the place. The real estate market in the Fort Lauderdale area has risen 50% in five years, it has dropped 20% in two years, so the way I see it there has been a nice five year return, actually way better than the stock market. The cost of creating good real estate ( building ) continues to rise. There is less building going on because property is selling for less than it can be built for. The profit motive of building is temporarily gone. Sooner or later inventory will tighten, prices will level off ( I think we are there) and then start to rise. Remember, even when the stock market is bad there are

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Sorry Everyone They Don't Exsist - No time has ever been made more aware, that when we all read newpaper stories and read between the lines, a different set of realities results. So let me help you see a clearer realty about the Fort Lauderdale area market through the Ft Lauderdale MLS. Think of your home town, think of the best street in town, think of the best view in town, think of a beautiful street. Visualize it, the best address in your home town. In Fort Lauderdale this for many will be any street along the ocean, or other water ways. Now think of finding a distressed property in that area of your town. Use the numbers they talk about where you live, I know we have all read them. 1 in 300 as the media says in our city, let's look for that one

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There are few people out there who would say that the banks had their eyes clearly on their businesses with an end in sight as they made loans to people who really couldn't afford them with more and more convoluted terms. I am sure it would be hard to find people to stand up and profess " the banks now get it they are in control of what they are doing now". At our goal is to help you make a good Fort Lauderdale real estate investments and avoid many of the pitfalls of an unloved, foreclosed property.

The other day we wrote an offer on a bank owned property for $245,000 about 30% less than it would have sold just a year ago, but in the current market, a valid offer. The property was on the market for $265,000. Within days the bank

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Its been a long time since I wrote and this is one of things I am going to try and commit to do more often. Believe me there is no lack of suggestions or interests just a lack of time. It goes back to the article "I want to buy a steal" where I discuss that everyone still wants one. Well guess what they still do and the media has convinced them that there are 100's of ocean front condos, in foreclosure with a view, in beautiful resort properties sitting along the coast for $100,000. Guess what they don't exsist, but great Fort Lauderdale Condos for Sale do. I am so happy that in this market Realtors or real estate consultants ( how I prefer we be called ) become so much more valuable to these consumers. We can save then so much time, energy, and money. We

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Fort Lauderdale Realtor Originally Published this Article in 2009

I want to buy a "steal"...

This is a line that many Fort Lauderdale Realtors will tell you they hear almost everyday in this new real estate market. Personally I take solace in the fact that we are all hearing it everyday. I am not sure I fully understand the definition of a “steal”, but I find comfort in knowing there are so many potential buyers out there interested in South Florida all looking for one, in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate. With this in mind a link directly to the Fort Lauderdale MLS is called for.

I have asked many clients to help me define a steal. Sometimes it leads to the word foreclosure. So just maybe a “steal” is a property that has been on the market, nobody

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Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Area real-estate market, an every changing arena, where prizes such as a Fort Lauderdale Beach front condo, or a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home, always preform differently that the homes we refer to when we speak of "Average Real Estate Prices in Fort Lauderdale". In this discussion of Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale we would like to discuss one subject, pricing. We sincerely hope you find it helpful as you start thinking about buying a home in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market. This is an indepth review of prices updates in 2018.  It is is not unusual for people coming to look at Fort Lauderdale Real Estate to experience sticker shock. We are no longer the home of inexpensive beach front properties that you saw

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