The "Signs" of a Bottom are Upon Us

Posted by Eric Miller on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 at 1:41pm.

Its been a long time since I wrote and this is one of things I am going to try and commit to do more often. Believe me there is no lack of suggestions or interests just a lack of time. It goes back to the article "I want to buy a steal" where I discuss that everyone still wants one. Well guess what they still do and the media has convinced them that there are 100's of ocean front condos, in foreclosure with a view, in beautiful resort properties sitting along the coast for $100,000. Guess what they don't exsist, but great Fort Lauderdale Condos for Sale do. I am so happy that in this market Realtors or real estate consultants ( how I prefer we be called ) become so much more valuable to these consumers. We can save then so much time, energy, and money. We work hard on our top 10 list of best deals, from every realtor in town each week, and we must be good at it, because 90% are sold within 30 days, in a market where the average days on market is closer to 180. What a great tool, a group of Realtors working together, putting together all the properties they have seen in a top ten list by category. If you are really looking to buy before the upswing gets back on track this is the tool you should looking at. Think back the media has sent you out in the world, with media interpretations before ( that as polite as I can be ) and they have done it again. Even though prices have dropped to great opportunity levels and the declines are different from neighborhood to neighborhood. Your real estate professional, can guide you through this market with skill. Any agent would be pleased to sell you your next Florida home, but we prefer you make an educated decision. Tell us what is on your wish list, lets discuss the budget and the goals, and let us see if we belong working togther to rech those goals, as we share with you our navigational skills in this new real estate market.

Just some pricing ideas - opening price points near the beach One Bedrooms starting at $250,000, Two Bedrooms starting at $325,000 - There are many less 3 Bedroom condos in the area and you will quickly jump up into the $500,000 range and higher.

Single Family Homes - Near the Beach $600,000 and up, on the sand, sorry $3,500,000 is a number which is holding well. Three miles inland we have homes we can show you in the $250,000 range needing some work as older Florida homes. Willing to venture a bit further west 6-10 miles there we still have condos and homes under the $200,000 market and depending on your needs we have a few special communities ( some which may require an owner to be over 55 ) that can be purchased for under $100,000.

When you are ready for expert advise the more you tell us the better we can help .

Eric Miller is an award winning Florida Realtor, salesperson and broker. His website, provides an up-to-date guide to Fort Lauderdale Condos for sale, and the most complete buyer, seller and investor information for the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market.

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