The Essentials to Getting a Home Sold

Posted by Eric Miller on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 11:04am.

The Essentials to Getting a Home Sold

by: Marc Rasmussen – Sarasota Real Estate


Selling your home in a market that is flooded with available homes is still possible. Home owners looking to sell should use the following guideline as a way to move their home quickly in any type of market.

1. Price your home to sell. While most home owners value their home above all other possessions, realistically the price of the home should meet market pricing in the area. A market survey will show what comparable homes in your area are selling for, and pricing your home within that range will help you move the property fast. However, home owners should keep in mind that the price should be a little higher than anticipated to allow for negotiations during the buying process. Buyers like to negotiate; it makes them feel they are getting a better deal. By adding a little “play” room in your price will help you sell the home.

2. Find a qualified realtor. Realtors that are familiar with your type of house and your neighborhood will benefit you greatly. A realtor that knows the area will be able to present all the good points of that particular neighborhood to the potential buyer. Many buyers rely heavily on the opinions of a realtor, and a knowledgeable one is always best for both parties. In addition, a good realtor can help you promote your home, price it accurately and drive potential buyers to your doorstep.

3. A clutter free home sells quickly. When a potential buyer enters your home they need to feel at home. If a home is filled with personal trinkets, family photos and dishes stacked on the counters, the home will seem “too lived in” and the buyer will move on. Homes need to be cleaned thoroughly and then cleaned again to make them buyer worthy. A buyer must feel they can move in with little effort or they will move on to the next home.

4. Have a home inspection. By having a home inspection prior to placing the home up for sale you can present to the potential buyer the report so they can see you are serious about the upkeep of your home. Also, if any repairs were stated as needing to be completed in the inspection, you can present to the buyer proof that repairs have been completed.

5. Having a marketing plan that draws attention to your home. Because the market is filled with available homes, you need to find a way to make your open house one that is worth attending. A professional realtor may have many suggestions, including catering the event or having a bounce house for children to play in why the parents look at the home.



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