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Posted by Eric Miller on Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 12:30pm.

Certainly like all other realtors we love closings, as simply they mean many things. Buyers and Seller get to move on with their lives, and we as realtors get to celebrate another successful transaction and a payday. But as of late, some have become more meaningful. The closing of a short sale is a true victory. When the short sale is a more difficult one with two loans, two unresponsive banks, and that occassional negotiator who thinks $225,000 is more than $250,000 because she has more files on her desk than she can or wishes to concentrate on, and you have already decided to allow her to call you by your wrong name; well closing these types of deals are total joy. At Eric Miller and Associates we have listened to many large real estate companies tell their agents to stay away from short sales. They have referred to them as a "waste of time". With this attitude I agree it is best they stay away, and if you are a legimate short sale candiatate we are here to help. A short sale can and does work if the seller is truly a hardship situation. At Eric Miller and Associates we are always pleased to meet with a seller and discuss their sitaution and if we think we can get the job done, and decide to take on your short sale we will not stop until closing day. Just yesterday after 14 months we have recieved a full approval on a small short sale which we refused to give up on. After closing day I hope to post from the owner, as he has continual expressed his amazement how hard we worked on his file. By the way Scott G. you're welcome :)
Considering a short sale, want to avoid foreclosure, we can help!

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