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Posted by Eric Miller on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 8:06am.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving Short Distance or Long Distance Planning is the Key

Honestly there are few people who will tell you that moving is a great experience but the ones who do simply have taken a whole different approach to the process and it’s these people who should guide you to making your move a pleasant experience. Most often when you hear that a move went seemlessly in is because plannning was a major part of the process.Once you start looking for a new home with your Realtor you know a move is on the horizon, so this is the same time you should start thinking about preparing for the move. If you need to sell your home, or simply have to pack up a rental preparing long in advance will make the entire process less stressful.

Think of the adage "When in doubt throw it out", there is a cost to every item you pack so if you have not used something in your current home there is little chance that you will miss it if you don't take it with you.

If you moving to a  Fort Lauderdale Condo it is important to find out the rules and regualtions pertaining to a move to that particular property. Are there size limtis to the truck you can use ? Are there hour restrcitions, such as no moving on a Sunday ? Do you need to reserve an elevator ? Knowing in advance can save a great deal of stress on moving day.

Moving into a Fort Lauderdale Community of single family homes, once again knowing the areas can make the whole process easier. Though there are going to be fewer restrictions than in a condominium knowing if there are any tight streets or turns in your route can save your moving day.

Hiring a Pro or counting on Friends and Family 

This decision needs to be made early on it the process. Finances certainly play a part in this decision, but so does the size of the things you’re moving and where you are moving to. No matter how you plan it moving into a Fort Lauderale Condominium and having to use an elevator is a much more difficult move than moving into a Fort Lauderdale Single family home. The cost of the move is going to based on how much you are moving and the time it will take, no matter if you attempt to do it yourself or higher a local mover.

Well packed boxes can easily line a rented truck and be moved by friends without too much stress. However, the manipulation of a sleeper sofa in and out of a home can cause some stress and is often better left to the professionals. Think about you stuff - Are there pieces of furniture that your family and friends can’t move? I usually suggest if the answer is yes this is the time to seek a professional. Once you know you need a professional I assure you the price difference between moving ten pieces of furniture, or the addition of 20 boxes will be minimal, they are pros and can do it much faster than you can, saving you time and money. You can still move some of your personal items yourself if it makes you feel better but always remember packing is the key to a safe move so it is time to start preparing. 

Look for the Potholes

Each move has its only special issues. Steps, elevators, tight stair cases, small doorways, the more you identify the potential issues the easier the move will be. Walk through the entire route see if there are anything’s worth noting before the move.  Planning, planning and more planning are the key to an easy move. Your realtor has moved in the area many more times than you have. Ask if they have a recommendation for local assistance and any insight to help in preparation remember when it comes to all real estate related services working with a great real estate team is the key to a sucessful move.


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