Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes | The rules of Ft Lauderdale Mooring and Docks

Posted by Eric Miller on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at 9:08am.

Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes 

When a buyer calls the team at Eric Miller and Associates looking for a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront home we know many of the questions we are going to ask to help make the Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Home search easier. One of the questions on the list is going to be what type of boat are you planning to keep at the dock ? This will lead to a discussion of the Broward County and Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Zoning Standards to help us find the perfct home for you and your boat.

Ft LaudeFort Lauderdale Waterwayrdale Waterfront Land a ValuableAsset

Waterfront homes in Fort Lauderdale are built on land that makes up a larger percentagee of the overall property value that a tradtional home. The waterfront land and the moorage it provides, make the land the home is sitting on much more valueable than the land under a traditional Fort Lauderdale Home. However is is important to have some working knowledge of the rules that affect the land before you purchase. The zoning standards for Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes come from two legal enitites, Broward County, and the City of Fort Lauderdale. If you are purchasing a Waterfront Home in the Ft Lauderdale, the Fort Lauderdale Waterfront requirement would apply.

Some important details - Broward County and Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Property

Broward County

- Docks are not allowed to poject more the 5 feet inot any waterway beyond the poperty lin along the waterway or the established bulkhead line.

-Dock set backs are required to be aq minimum of 10 feet from the property plot line.

-Mooring pilings are permitted, provided they do not poject more that 33% of the width of the waterway, or 25 feet, which ever is less, as measured from the recorded property line.

-Mooring pilings are to be sitauted no closer than 10 feet to any lot line of contiguous property.

-Vessesl docked at or moorded to private docks or by mooring pilings shall not extent into a waterway more than 33% of the width of the waterway measured from the recorded proeprty line.

- No vessel shall be docked, moorded or anchored adjacent to residetial property in such a manner that it extends across the property line of contiguous property.


Fort Lauderdale Residential Real Estate District

- No watercraft beyong the side set back lines of the property.

- The dock/slip cannot extend more than 10% of the waterway width or a maximum of 20 feet which ever is less.

-Reflector tape shall be affixed and continually maintanied on all mooring or dolphins, piles.

-Reflector tape must be formulated for marine use and be in one of the following uniform colors. International orgage, or iridescent silver.

-The reflector tape shall be at least 5 inches wide and within 18 inches of the top of the pile.

-Vessls shall not extend more that 30% of the width of the waterway, or 25 feet beyond the property line, which ever is less.


It easy to see when purchasing a Ft Lauderdale Waterfront home having the right team of realtors on your side is a great asset, at Eric Miller and Associates we are always here to help with all your needs in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

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