Fort Lauderdale Condo Buyers and the 40 Year Inspection

Posted by Eric Miller on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at 6:13pm.

Great Time to Buy a South Florida Condo!

As a Fort Lauderdale Realtor Testimonials, I have witnessed many Fort Lauderdale Condo buyers become a bit apprehensive when they hear that a Fort Lauderdale Condominium has just gone through its 40 year re-certification inspection. In realty, this is nothing to be concerned about and once the recertification of the building is complete its often a great time to buy. You can be assured that the  you are considering has just gone through a complete inspection and upgrade that the former owner has paid for and you as the next owner will get to enjoy.

40 Year Re-certification of South Florida Condos

The 40-year recertification of a building is a way for Broward County to assure the safety of multifamily housing. Over the years building codes have changed and salt air can take its toll on concrete construction. Once the first 40-year inspection is complete the building goes through the identical process every ten years.  At most properties with a solid board of directors and management company the 40-year inspection is planned for long in advance and budgeted for. Buildings usual have a basic maintenance program and often step up the oversite and repairs with contractors that they have relationships with prior to the engineer’s report being done. When the time comes the building is usually notified by the city that their 40-year inspection is do. In general, the following calendar is a guide to the process. Within 90 days after notice the building should have a report completed by a certified engineer. Once the report is complete, and different counties do have different requirements the building has approximately 180 days to complete the repairs. Once the repairs are completed the building will be re-inspected and certified and good to go until the next inspection 10 years later.

Well Maintained Ft Lauderdale Condos Re-certify Easily

Ft Lauderdale Realtors are very familiar with the 40-year inspection process and can quickly spot a property that has completed the process, is prepared for the process, or going to have a hard time because of differed maintenance as the date nears. Building management and their boards need to very conscious of the dates and calendar in completing this process. In addition to the potential of fines from the city if the deadline is not met, not meeting the deadline reflects on everyone involved. It can be viewed as an issue with the property itself and could affect property values when its disclosed that the 40-year inspection is due and outstanding. When looking at condos for sale in Fort Lauderdale you now know a simple question to ask. Where does the building stand on its 40-year inspection?  

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