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Posted by Eric Miller on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 at 4:35pm.

I have asked Tim Ryan, owner/broker of Equity Realty, to shed some light on a web based approach to selling real estate.


Selling your home is not always an easy thing to do if you do not know the ropes of real estate marketing. Doing it the traditional way is not that effective anymore. The most viable way of selling properties nowadays is done thru internet wherein you will have wider reach thus providing you a lot of opportunities to sell your home. We all know that everything can be done online nowadays.

Now, you might want to know how others do it. Online advertising or web marketing is the answer. It is far more effective and efficient. Compared to conventional advertising, doing it online is far cheaper and creates options that are more diverse. By going online, you get instant results since you can reach many different channels simultaneously. You can also taper the results based on what you want. You get to choose specific networks and markets that you want to target.

Various Online Mediums Available Online

  • Specific websites
  • Search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • Various Social Networks

Other Benefits Of Opting For Online Advertising And Marketing

  • Even in their own homes, you can get to customers without being invasive.
  • Being constantly exposed to targeted clients
  • You can easily test online banners and other advertising means if it is efficient or not. By doing so, this gives you a chance to fine tune your campaign and make it more effective to further enhance desired results.

Tips On How To Advertise Your Home

Google Ad words – can be a good and efficient way to start your campaign. Of course, it is not for free hence you have to pay for using it as means advertising your home on the web. By using this means, you will get targeted traffic to your website. You will be using keywords in this method and it takes time and effort to learn this method. However, it really hits the mark.

Writing Articles – if you do not have enough resources then you can opt for this method. This is actually a free method of advertising online. You can create content and upload it to your website (blogs or website content) or article directories like ezine, hubpages, and squidoo. How does this work? Well, there are a lot of website owners who are always looking for fresh content. So, they will use your article on their own site and create a link going back to your website and this can go viral. Therefore, you get free traffic to your site thus leading potential clients at your doorstep. If you do not have a website of your own, you can always do guest posting.

There you have it, ways to advertise your home online. As always, it is better to further research your options. This way all your effort and money will not just go the drain. You have to check out every angle for pros and cons. With an effective method on hand, you will surely sell your home in no time at all and at the price, you want.

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