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Swimming the English Channel for a client and the Value of a Great Realtor

As the real estate market all over the country became to rumble, and turmoil set in a client of mine said some things to me that I remember to this day.

Some were his own thoughts about my performance as a Fort Lauderdale Realtor, and others were thoughts of an older gentlemen that he had met in his travels.

First, he said to me that my performance as a realtor, selling a property he might have been better not to have ever bought was like that of a swimmer, swimming the English Channel with one arm tied behind his back.

I laughed and thanked him for the compliment and didn't think much more about it until the real estate market really stated to falter.

At some point I started to feel like that swimmer he mentioned, who needed to swim a little bit harder with every stroke.

As the market crashed all over the country and many said the Condo market was pretty close to the epicenter, I realized a great deal about what he said in so few words.

He had said he valued me as a Realtor. He respected me as a professional. He understood that my market knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in his unique co-op apartment in a Real Estate Market where co-ops were a rarity brought value to the transaction.

He sincerely said, Thank you.

Before I continue I need to say, thank you, to my client who said these things and to all the clients over the years that have gone out of their way to show their gratitude to my team. We have always done our best and tried our hardest to be the finest Realtor's we could be, and I sincerely believe for Realtor's all over the country a Thank You goes a long way.

Many Realtors' are facing tough times. They are reinventing the way they do business. They are working harder, for less pay, spending more on their businesses and seeing less result.

To all of them I can only say continue to do your best, try your hardest, and hopefully you will be as lucky as I am to have some clients who go out of their way to say thank you.

I mentioned earlier that there were some thoughts he mentioned of an older gentlemen, and some days these thoughts give me great resolve.

He said, and I paraphrase, as Americans we must never forget that there are people all over the world who dream of coming to America, and he added....most of them would like to make Florida their first stop.

With that I go on to Google and search the words "Fort Lauderdale Real Estate". The numbers of results are 4,140,000 sites of information.

Then I do a little digging and find out that Google executed over 74,000 searches today alone with terms that involved Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate.

If you want to feel a little better about real estate in your neighborhood check out these numbers and see how many people are looking for homes where you live.

I do want to take this statistical run just a bit further and then sum it up.

Currently in Broward County there are approximately 17,000 properties available for sale. In the last month over 2000 sold, over 3000 went pending, and about 4500 new properties came on the market.

So let's see what is really happening at a place some have referred to as "ground zero". 74,000 people a day are searching for information about Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale.

For the ease of writing this story I left out Bing, MSN, and Yahoo but I love their numbers as well. Over 2000 happy new homeowners waved from the sunny Ft. Lauderdale area last month alone. Over 3000 started the process of buying their Ft. Lauderdale Home or Condo, and finally there were fewer homes to select from than the month before.

So when is a great time to buy a house or condo? To quote a financial television personality, "When you find one you like"!

Homes cannot sell forever for less then they cost to build. The crises will pass and now is a great time to put your local real estate expert to work for you looking for the perfect next property in your neighborhood.

If your wish list includes South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, or its surrounding areas we at Eric Miller and Associates, at Keller Williams Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale Real Estate are always here to help!

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