Call the Short Sale Expert in Ft Lauderdale  

Short sales experts in Fort Lauderdale, where the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market has dropped in some cases 50%, will tell you that when it comes to Short Selling your Fort Lauderdale Home, no two shorts sales are the same and you do need a Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Expert on your side. It just makes sense that no two banks are going to act the same way and deals involving millions of dollars will be treated differantly than deals involving hundreds of thousand. The first rule of short selling your Fort Lauderdale property, is get some working knowledge of the process but hand the entire Fort Lauderdale Short Sale process over to team of Ft Lauderdale Short Sale experts.

Discuss with your Bank a Deed in Lieu

Assuming you owe more than the home is worth, the basic reason for doing a short sale, you may be candidate for a deed in lieu, but numerous other conditions apply. Homeowners often attempt to contact their banks and arrainge a "Deed in Lieu" thinking it is a random act of kindness on the part of the bank. Deed in Lieu, means you hand over the keys to your home immediately in lieu of going through the foreclosurer process and you walk away, right. Well maybe, your giving over the deed and your keys, Does the bank still have a right to come back after you for a judgement once the property is sold ?, well maybe.  At Eric Miller and Associates we are not attornies, and do not give legal advise. But we do know when its time for our clients to speak to one of our prefered expert real estate attornies and make sure they are protecting their interests. You need to know what you are doing before you sign away their rights. A Deed in Lieu must come with a release of any current and future judgents and to date we have seen very few banks willing to go through this process, maybe this will change over time.

Short Sale my Ft Lauderdale Home

If you owe more than your home is worth, and don’t want to declare bankruptcy or face foreclosure, then a short sale of your home is a great option. A short sale does have potential tax implications. and the process does come with some risks which is why at Eric Miller and Associates we work closely with real estate attornies who can be part of your team throughout the process.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate professsionals at Eric Miller and Associates are trained Certified Distressed Property Experts and understand the bit falls that can occur thorughout the short sale process. We understand that to do it right, and to assure the homeowners needs are addressed, it may take some time. Time to execute the deal properly involves having  attornies who understand the processs and help to make sure the bank gives us the time we need to execute a short sale that is in your best interest.

Do Not pass Go without the professionals on your side, its time for a team of Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Experts.

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