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Important Steps to Selling your Home !

Take a few moments and organize are thoughts as to why you are thinking of selling your home. The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market has dropped dramatically over the last few years but this does not necessarily mean its a bad time to sell, its the reasons that matter.

Think about, the sentence "I am selling my home because.... ", and fill in the blank with as many thoughts that apply.

Maybe you need a larger place, maybe you are not using your second home enough to justify the expense, or maybe you have just won Powerball and its time for that Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home you have always wanted. 

As part of this exercise add the time frame to each, and lastly write down what you expect to sell your home for. A team like Eric Miller and Associates, at is going to work hard to adjust their strategy to execute the best path to achieve your objectives.

In addition they are going to help you to make sure your plans are realistic, and assure that both your financial and time frames plans for the sale are achiveable.

Your next goal is to set the best possible selling price for your house. If the house sells quickly you have gotten in right, if it takes a few price adjustments you may be hurting yourself.

A fair asking price from the outset will generate the most activity from other real estate agents and buyers, all voting, and saying you have priced correctly.

You will need to take into account your competition, the condition of your home, recent sales in the Fort Lauderdale Area, and the overall market in the Broward county area.

Our expertise at Eric Miller and Associates is invaluable at this step; you may not like what we have to say but our goal will always be to help you execute your plan. We will know what comparables homes are selling for in your neighborhood and the time it is taking those homes to sell.

If you want a truly objective opinion we can always recommend an appraiser. Setting a fair market price will always result in a better sale than setting your price too high, and then letting reality set in.

A home which sits on the market too long often is perceived to have someting wrong with it, and often need to lower the price to get attention.

Prepare your home for a party.

Most of us don't live in model homes and yet new homes builders always know to get the most for a home they build a model. Start by putting a much persoanl stuff away, clear the boxes, watch of few espisodes of HGTV, and ask your realtors at Eric Miller and Associates to help.

It may take some time to get it just right, but even while your on the marekt this is what feedback is all about. Condition of your home counts, and will affect how quickly it sells and the price the buyer is willing to offer.

First impressions, curb appeal, and that first look when the door opens are the most important.  A home with too many personal touches is harder to sell, we want buyers looking at your home.  Make minor repairs, and please make sure air filters are changed often.

The more you can put away the larger your home will look, and bigger homes sell for more.

Our job is to get the word out, that a great property in the Fort Lauderdale area is coming on the market. We will work on a marketing strategy specifically for your home.

There are many ways to get the word out, including but be sure these days to ask any potential agent about their internet strategy.

Like it or not, 80% of buyers are looking on the internet for their homes prior to calling an agent. How well known is your agent, top performing agents are agents who have built a reputation with their peers for getting the deal done.

This is the type of agent you want on your team. In addition to listing your home on the MLS, we will use a combination of tools to bring the most qualified buyers to your home.

We look forward to the day we bring you the offer. When we deliver an offer (always in writing) from a potential buyer, we will find out whether or not the individual is prequalified or preapproved to buy your home.

If so, then we will review the proposed contract, taking care to understand what is required of both parties to make the deal happen.  We will go over all the issues that we need to be aware of.

Things such as what is included in the sale, the repair clauses, the time frames, the fees each party will be responsible for, how, where and when the closing will happen, etc. We will then help you through a counter offer process. Once both parties have signed a written offer, the document becomes legally binding.

If you have any questions or concerns, be certain to address them with us or an attorney.

Expect to do a counter offer. Most offers to purchase your home will require some negotiating to come to a win-win agreement. As your agent we have had a great deal of experience with the intricacies of real estate contracts used the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market and will protect your best interest throughout process.

We also understand what each contract clause means, and what areas are easiest to negotiate. Once both parties have agreed on the terms of the sale, both parties will execute the same contract.

Arriving at closing day ready to close. Once you accept an offer to sell your house, we will guide you through a list of all the things you and your buyer must do before closing.

The property may need to be formally appraised, surveyed, inspected or repaired. We will guide the effort and serve as your agent when dealing with the buyer's agent and service providers.

Depending on the written contract, you may pay for all, some or none of these items. As we work through each procedure as defined by the contract, the sale continues.

If there are problems the contract will dictate our next step. A few days prior to closing we will be contacting the title company or attorney that is closing the transaction and make sure the necessary documents will be ready to sign on the appropriate date.

Remember most contracts require that you be out prior to closing and the property be left "broom clean", so we want to make sure there is time to make this happen.

"Closing" refers to the meeting where ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer. It is usually a happy day for boths buyers and sellers.

We will be present during the closing to guide you through the process and make sure everything goes as planned.

After the closing, we will go over a list of things to do, such as turning off the electricity,lawn service, cable and notfiying your insurance company in case there is a refund due.

In this real estate market it is more important than ever that we help you to make sure no monies due you are not collected.

At Eric Miller and Associates, "We're here to help" with your next Fort Lauderdale Real Estate purchase or sale. Contact us directly at (954) 383-8170.

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