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Just Listed - Intracoastal View Condo by Ft. Lauderdale Realtor Eric Miller

Ft Lauderdale Realtor, Eric Miller of Keller Williams Professionals is proud to be the number one agent for over a decade at the Tides at Bridgeside Square a Fort Lauderdale Condo sitting between Ft Lauderdale Beach and the Intracoastal at 3020 NE 32nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308. Today the Eric Miller Team is pleased to be presenting Tides at Bridgeside Square Unit 614. This spacious immaculate updated one bedroom is one of the largest one bedroom floor plans in the building and features an incredible view of the intracoastal and downtown Ft Lauderdale. 

Ft Lauderdale Realtor presents Tides 614 Tides at Bridgeside Condo 614

Tides at Bridgeside Square Offers Great Views Close to the Beach

Tides at Bridgeside Square

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There has been a lot of activity at the Tides at Bridgeside Square over the last few years most recently topped off with the completion of a brand new club room and the recent resurfacing of the Tides at Bridgeside Square pool, While many Fort Lauderdale Condominiums have been tightening their budgets and defering maintnance the incredibly well runned Tides at Bridgeside Square has weathered the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate storm as a financially solid condominium, in beautiful updated condition. The Tides Fort Lauderdale is located at 3020 NE 32nd Ave Fort Laudedale Florida 33308. Directly across the street from the recently renovated Shooters Fort Lauderdale Restaurant. Tides at Brdigeside Square Clubroom

During the downturn of the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market many condominiums

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Lauderdale-by-the Sea Waterfront Home for Sale 

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate team Eric Miller and Associates at Keller Williams Fort Lauerdale has just listed for sale a unique Lauerdale-by-the Sea Waterfront Home. The home is just seconds from the intracoastal waterway on 80 feet water_512of prime waterfront and a dead end canal which ends at a small marina. In Ft Lauderdale Real Estate finding Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes east of the intracoastal at this price point is close to impossible. This great Lauderdale-by-the Sea home offers the best of all the South Florida life style has to offer. Extremely close to the beach, great access to the waterways by boat, and a booming downtown enterainment district available a the city center of Lauderdale-by-the Sea.

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Bargains in Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Real Estate

Ft Lauderdale Waterfront home seekers not to many years ago would have been looked at with a nice shy little smile by most Fort Lauderdale Realtors if they came in looking for a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront home around $300,000. In our own polite way each Ft Lauderdale Realtor would have discussed, waterfront with numerous fixed bridges, and the many dry stack storage facilities that would have made a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront home less important to the buyer. At $300,000 most Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes buyers were simply priced out of the market. At that time, just about 5 years ago, a Ft Lauderdale Waterfront lot was in the $500,000 price range, in an average waterfront neighborhood. A tear down

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Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have always been the most desired part of the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. Even as the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market have slowed and in some cases dropped as much as 50% from the 2005 highs of Ft Lauderdale Real Estate, Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have held up better that the rest of the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. In the last sixty days, 67 Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes have closed and this is clearly not a market that is looking dead.  With only 381 Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Homes on the market in the sample area we used, and understanding that the last 90 day of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate would normally be considered the slowest summer months of the market it is clear that there is a strong season

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Ft Lauderdale Realtors and the residents of the River Oaks neighborhood of Ft Lauderdale are happy to hear the sounds of construction once again and are pleased to welcome Centerline Homes to the community. Fort Lauderdale Real Estate which has seen a drop in Ft Lauderdale Real Estate prices of almost 50% since the peak in 2005, has witnessed the inventory of New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale disappeared. New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale that were under construction when the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market faltered were either already absorbed by the tight market for New Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, or abandoned and never finished.  For years Ft Lauderdale Realtors have discussed the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate as a market where land was

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Fort Lauderdale Condominium buyers need to be aware that a Florida law referred to as “Homeowners 6” went into effect in 2009. In the Fort Lauderdale Condo market enforcement of the law has not been universal because of the tight economic times but we do expect to see it become more the standard. The law states that Ft Lauderdale Condominium owners are required to take out insurance that provides coverage to all contents within the condominium unit.  This policy will close the gap for Fort Lauderdale Condominium owners many of whom thought they were adequately covered by the buildings master policy.  Fort Lauderdale Condo buyers need to think of this as the “walls-in” policy and understand that their master policy only covered them to their unpainted

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Fort Lauderdale Short Sale are not Easy !

Selecting the Right Short Sale Team

Short Sale Success in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market happens all the time when there is a strong foundation in place as you start the process. This foundation consists of two items that we address in this article. The first is that you accept and understand that the execution of a successful short sale is a team effort. Understanding that you, the seller, are an important part of that team is urgent for short sale success to be the end result. We will discuss the team effort more in a moment but for now, the clear understanding that just because you have decided to attempt a short sale and hired a Ft Lauderdale Realtor with proven Short Sale Success does not mean

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Fort Lauderdale Homes and Condos Inventory Tightening


Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale have been seeing the number of available units drop month by month. Throughout numerous articles on this blog, as a Fort Lauderdale Realtor I have spoken about Wilton Manors Real Estate becoming a sellers market. I have dicussed the end of any inventory of new Ft Lauderdale Beach Condos. We have mentioned excellant building near the beach such as the Tides at Bridgeside Square where there are currently 7 units on the marekt representing less that 3% of the building. We have discussed inventory shrinking in Las Olas area condominiums such at Symphony Condominium. Simply our conversation has been a very local one. Its been a conversation of great neighborhoods and great

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate News seems to ignore a well known fact among the insiders of the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate Community.  2011 will be the last year to purchase a brand new condominium in the Ft Lauderdale Condo market for at least 4 to 5 years.

If you have been thinking for years about purchasing a New Condominium in the Ft. Lauderdale area, wait no longer time is simply running out on new Condos in Ft Lauderdale.


When Fort Lauderdale Real Estate prices collapsed, in approximately, 2006 there were only a few buildings under construction in the Fort Lauderdale Condo Market. If you add Pompano Beach, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea to be part of the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market, only three additional new developments get added to the inventory

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